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Edging and trimming

In addition to rolling and TIG welding the strength of MEC Service is the deformation of precision sheet metal edging obtained by means of obtained by means of beading ferrules of different heights, diameters and thicknesses. The machining and edge banding obtained under different models and sizes adapted by us are:

• Trimming the start / end with the elimination of the welding burr cutting;

• Edging interior and exterior design;

• Edging to folder;

• Edging of external and internal threads median;

• Ribs functional and aesthetic interior and exterior; and

• Edging out the center and mold expansion.


The range of diameters and heights workable, within which is a mix of possible combinations, varies from a minimum diameter of 85 mm to a maximum diameter of 1.000 and a thickness up to 3 mm. Recreational edging and trimming come all designed and made in-house.

Experience and Reliability

Mec Service specializes in the manufacture of tubular elements to the customer's design with ferrules (squares of bent metal) TIG welded and then machined via processes of deformation, welding and turning.


Quality Management System

Since 2006 the company has been certified to Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, in order to guarantee the customer’s product requirements are met within the agreed timescales.